Ajax Capital Advisors

We are a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor based in Atlanta, Georgia with offices located in Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. We provide wealth management, financial planning and investment management services to our clients.


Unbiased, Fee-Only Advice

Being a Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor means that we are always operating under a Fiduciary standard which requires that we put the interests of our clients first; this is unlike most advisors working at brokerage firms or banks who operate under a suitability standard and are therefore not required to put clients' interests before their own or their firm’s interests. Our Fee-Only advice ensures we are always on your side of the table serving your best interests. You always know exactly how much we are compensated as you are the only one paying us – no commissions, no referral fees, no selling of insurance/annuities/mortgages and no hidden fees.


Tailored for You and Your Unique Situation

We believe that the best way to provide service to our clients is by listening to their unique needs. This typically begins with us sitting down and discussing your goals, concerns and opportunities that are unique to you and from this conversation we begin to create a comprehensive financial plan that will provide clarity and confidence in your financial life – clarity about what you want to accomplish and confidence that the plan we have developed will allow you to achieve your goals.


About Our Name…. Ajax is the name of the ski mountain located in Aspen, Colorado.  The founders of our firm lived in and visited the town of Aspen and saw both majestic beauty and power in the mountain that is part of the Rocky Mountain Range.  We felt the name was appropriate for our firm as we see simple beauty and power in our financial planning process and in our investment strategy and hope our clients are soon able to see this for themselves.