Working With Us

We are a fee only advisory firm. The only compensation we receive comes directly from fees paid by you, our client, and all fees are fully disclosed to you prior to any engagement. For clients engaged in both financial planning and investment management services, our fee is based upon the total value of your assets under management. We will bill you monthly according to our agreed upon fee schedule. For clients who only wish to engage in financial planning services, these services will be provided for a fixed fee that will be negotiated prior to engagement. Please consult with your tax professional to determine if our advisor fees are tax deductible.

We will have you sign our Advisor Agreement. This agreement will detail the terms and conditions of the working relationship between you and Ajax Capital Advisors, Inc. The agreement may be terminated, without penalty, by you at any time by giving written notice of such termination.


For Investment Management Services:

  • Charles Schwab will have custody of your assets – Ajax will assist you in opening an account in YOUR name at Charles Schwab.  Once your account is established and funded we will discuss with you the process by which your existing assets will be phased into our investment strategy.
  • Ajax will have the ability to make trades in your account.  We will NOT have the authority to make withdrawals, write checks or transfer funds in/out of your account.  Only YOU will have the ability to do that.  We request that if you intend to withdraw/transfer funds or have any other transactions that will affect the asset value of your account that you please give us advance notice. This allows us to rebalance the investment positions within your account to reflect the change in asset value which is critical to managing risk in accordance with our investing strategy.
  • Charles Schwab will prepare, issue and send you monthly account statements and all necessary tax related documentation.  You will also be able to access and view your account at anytime via the Internet through Charles Schwab’s website.